Megenei Hayanshuf – Sayeret Nahal Association

Sayeret Nahal is the special forces unit of the Nahal Brigade of the Israel Defense Force (IDF). In addition to its special forces role it engages in reconnaissance and commando operations. Having undertaken some of the most dangerous missions inIsrael's fight against terror, Sayeret Nahal, as a unit, has been awarded the IDF Chief of Staff's Medal of Valor (Tsalash HaRamatkal).  The Sayeret's symbol features a stylized owl, a bird which like our unit is active mainly at night.

The Sayeret association ("Meginei HaYanshuf) is a non-profit civilian association composed of former combat soldiers and officers as well as parents of former and fallen fighters.

The Association was established in 1992 by Special Forces Commander Eyal Weiss (killed in action in 2002) and by parents of soldiers in the unit. Its goal is to actively support and assist the fighters of the Sayeret, however possible. Projects include supplying winter coats, proper hiking boots, organizing events that bring together fun, sports and commemoration of soldiers killed in action and “what do we do now?” seminar, guiding soon-to-be released soldiers about their first steps in the real world. 

In addition to these support projects, Meginei HaYanshuf  plays an important role in forging and maintaining the Sayeret's communal dimension. It cultivates the bonds between soldiers past and present and fosters the connection between the unit and the families of the soldiers who have served in it and especially of those who have fallen. The Association documents and commemorates the Sayeret's key operations for the edification of both soldiers and families. It also arranges memorials in honor of those who have died in combat and in solidarity with their families. Through ongoing personal communication and formal and informal gatherings, Association members try to ensure that bereaved families will feel part of a caring community.

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